Individual Insurance

People constantly face a number of risks but are unaware of the danger they are in until something major happens to them. These include risk to ones health - illness, accident, risk to ones property - fire, burglary, earthquake etc. General Insurance covers all such risks over which one has no control  and that too at a very low cost.  As responsible members of a family one should be adequately prepared to manage these risks.


As licensed brokers, Ideal Insurance Brokers is entitled to sell insurance from all insurance providers in the country. We assess your needs and evaluate various products of different insurance companies and select the ones most suiting your needs while ensuring that you get the best possible terms and rates.


Our satisfied clients are from all walks of life and they have all benefited from Ideal Insurance's expertise and experience in the field of insurance.


The Ideal Advantage

a) Better understanding of your needs

b) Designing suitable Risk Insurance cover

c) Lowest Premiums

d) Complete Claims Assistance

e) Quick Issuance of Policy

f) Timely Reminders and Collection of Renewal










Life Insurance




For Dying Early and Living too Long


Risks and uncertainties are part of life's great adventure -- accident, illness, theft, natural disaster - they're all built into the working of the Universe, waiting to happen. Insurance is man’s answer to all the vagaries of life which at least prepares us for the uncertainties and its aftermath.


What is Life Insurance?

Life Insurance serves dual purpose - not only it provides financial protections to the family members in case of premature death of earning member but also provides long term saving for your financial and retirement plan.

Life insurance policy is a contract typically between an individual (called the insured) and the insurance company (called the insurer), where the insurance company promises to pay a sum of money to the insured's nominee, in the event of the insured's death.



  • Risk  hedging
  • Tax saving
  • Risk free Investment option

Ideal Advantage :

  • Better Understanding of your needs
  • High cover at low premiums
  • Better Fund Management
  • A dedicated team to handle your Claims
  • Timely Reminders and collection of Renewals

Why Life Insurance

  • Risk Cover – It is the most important aspect of Life Insurance. Unfortunately, most of us are not aware about our need for Life Cover resulting in hardships for the entire family in case of a sudden demise of the earning member. Risk cover should be the first priority followed by other benefits like Tax Saving and Investments.
  • Tax saving – It’s a crucial aspect of Life Insurance. Premium paid is exempt under sec 80 © and claims or maturity benefits are also completely tax free under sec 10 (10) D. For further details, please contact our Risk Managers
  • (10) D. For further details, please contact our Risk Managers.Savings – Life Insurance generates long term capital as against other tools of investment which are mostly short term oriented. It helps you better plan and achieve your long term financial goals

Various Types of Life Insurance Products


For individuals



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