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We are known for Quick Claim Settlement. If you are going to have a policy via us, your claim settlement is our responsibility. We have a dedicated team which deals in claim settlement.

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Any time of the day, any time of the year, Ideal People will assist and guide you out of your insurance troubles

One Stop Solution

Ideal Insurance is a platform which deals in multifarious insurance related issues of diverse categories as, Life Insurance, General Insurance, Individual Insurance, Corporate Insurance, Public Insurers & Private Insurers

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Business Insurance

A Business is under constant threats from unforeseen circumstances which could affect its bottom line. Insuring the assets and liabilities adequately give it guaranteed protection from such uncertainties...
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Employee Benefit's Insurance

This plan may include health, life, disability & other insurances to the employees and their families. By buying benefits in bulk like this, the cost per employee is cheaper than if employees were to buy insurance plans by themselves...
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Professional Indemnity Insurance

The policy is meant for professionals like CA, Doctor, Designer, Lawyer, Consultants, Brokers, etc. to cover liability claims falling on them as a result of Errors & Omissions committed by them while rendering professional service to third parties...
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Motor Insurance

Motor insurance is a contract between a vehicle owner and the insurance company where the insurance company compensates for the loss arising from accidents, burglary, or third party injuries/death. It can also cover any personal injury, to you or to your passengers due to a mishap...
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Home Insurance

Home Insurance is a contract entered between a customer (the insured) and an insurance company (the insurer), wherein the insurer agrees to pay the insured to rebuild your home and replace everything in it damaged on account of any disaster as mentioned in the policy...
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Shopkeeper's Insurance

This is a package policy of various sections which covers business assets, stock-in-trade and equipment in a proposer's shop including items of property contained therein for which a shop-keeper is accountable and legal liability, if any, incurred while carrying on trade/business at the shop....
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Health Insurance

Health insurance is a contract entered between a customer (the insured) and an insurance company (the insurer), wherein the insurer agrees to pay the insured for health care expenses that might arise due to hospitalization, accident, illness, or disease. All these expenses are subject to limits defined in the contract...
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Life Insurance

Life Insurance serves dual purpose - not only it provides financial protections to the family members in case of premature death of earning member but also provides long term saving for your financial and retirement plan...
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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance provides insurance cover for the risks a person may confront on a trip either abroad. Typically, travel insurance plans provide for medical expenses, loss/delay of checked baggage, loss of passport, personal accident, and financial emergencies...
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Rahul Agarwal
CEO & Principal Officer

Amit Agarwal
Head – Corporate Sales

Ravi Kothari
Director – Retail

Client Testimonials

“We are very thankful to the entire Ideal Team who has guided us in each stage of the claim and supported us to complete the entire procedure of the claim.”

Devendra Dave, Atha Group

“Ideal Insurance approached us when we had just 7 vehicles. They helped us in designing a cover for us when the Insurance companies were not too keen in customizing a policy for just 7 vehicles. And since then till today when we have now more than 2000 vehicles, they have given us great service in managing our Insurance portfolio and claims, which is a very key challenge area of a Self Drive Car Rental Business. We are extremely satisfied with them and would recommend them strongly.”

Greg Moran, CEO , ZoomCar India Private Ltd.

“Appreciating and Thanks for your long support for getting the claim settlement hassle free. Expecting this same service always”

CA Om Prakash Mundra, Keventer Agro Limited