Ideal Advantage –

The Policy Covers

  • Electrical Breakdown Due too Under Voltage, Excess Current, Loose Connections, Arcing, Sparking, Ageing Insulation, Open Circuit, Short Circuit.
  • Mechanical Breakdown Due to Falling Object, Entry of Foreign object, Failure of safety devices, failure of parts – rotating and reciprocating, Faulty operations, Overheating, Vibration, Fouling Abuse, Dust – Humidity
  • Sudden and unforeseen accidental physical damage to machinery while:
  • Lowest Premiums
  • Best Product
  • Renewals from any Company
  • Quick Claim Settlement
  • 24 Hr Service Helpline
  • Timely Renewals

1. The machinery is working or at rest
2. The machinery is being dismantled for cleaning / overhauling and in course of these operations, being shifted within specified premises or being re-erected subsequently


  • Fire and related perils, normal wear and tear and Pre-existing defects
  • Overload experiments / tests / abnormal operating conditions
  • Gradually developed flaws / defects not necessitating immediate stoppages
  • Willful act / negligence, Contractual liabilities, Consequential losses
  • Parts requiring regular replacements and Loss for which manufacturer is responsible

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