Ideal Advantage

  • Lowest Premiums
  • Best Product
  • Renewals from any Company
  • Quick Claim Settlement
  • 24 Hr Service Helpline
  • Timely Renewals

The Policy Covers

The policy is convenient and easy to understand, with easy documentation and hassle free claims service.

This policy can be issued to any business organization /establishment whose property is exposed to risk of burglary.

  • Property contained in a business premises owned by the Insured like stocks, furniture etc
  • Stocks held in trust/commission for which the Insured is responsible if specifically insured
  • Damage to premises by burglars (which one has to make good)
  • Cash, valuables, securities kept in a locked safe or cash box in locked steel cupboard if specifically covered


  • Deliberate, criminal, dishonest, fraudulent acts or violation of law.
  • Jewelry, curios, title deeds, business books unless specifically insured
  • Loss due to shop lifting, acts involving insured/his family members/employee
  • Loss recoverable under Fire/Plate glass insurance policy
  • War perils, Riot & Strike ( covered by payment of additional premium), Acts of God, Nuclear perils
  • Loss by abstraction from a safe using a key or duplicate key, unless key is obtained by violence or threat

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