Guidelines Motor Claims

For Hassle Free Claims Settlement


  • Call our Claims Helpline Number Immediately and give us the Following Details- Name of the driver, Date, Time, Place and Cause of accident, Vehicle Reg. No. & Policy number
  • Send your Car to the Garage within Maximum 7 Days of Accident. On delay, the damaged part gets Rusted and the claim can be denied by the Insurance Co.
  • We will help you in Choosing the Nearest Garage and also for a “Free Pick Up”
  • Duly filled claim form
  • Proof of insurance-policy/ cover note
  • Copy of registration book, tax token (furnish original for verification)
  • Copy of valid motor driving license in original of the person driving the car at the time of accident.
  • Police FIR (incase of third party property damage/ death/ bodily injury)

Reimbursement– Reimbursement will take approximately 7days/ 30 days (for net loss) from the date of submission of final bill- provided all documents are in order and within policy purview.



  • Be present when the surveyor is inspecting the vehicle at workshop and provide him with all original documents for verification.
  • In case of third party injury assistthe injured person and shift to the nearest hospital. Report the matter to the nearest police station from the place of accident and obtain a copy of FIR. Immediately inform us of the same.
  • Do not make any promises or offer compensation to any party involved in the accident on behalf of insurance company.
  • In case of Car Theft, inform us at the EARLIEST and File FIR within 24 hours and obtain a copy and submit original documents of the car to initiate claim process. Keep the CAR Key with you
  • Never venture to drive through water when water level is above tyre centerline. The engine, electrical and electronics components may get seriously damaged
  • While passing through low level water logged area use lowest gear and high acceleration to prevent blocking of exhaust gases coming out of engine.
  • In case the vehicle is flooded with water, DO NOT try to start the engine as it causes serious damage to the engine and the Claim will not be payable. Push the car to a safe location and consult an expert technician for checking and necessary rectification.For any other claims contact us for a hassle free experience.