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Our home is a very precious possession for us where we spend our lifetime with our loved ones. In today’s times no aspect of our life is secure from uncertainties including our home. Its safety is our utmost priority.


What is Home Insurance?


Insure your home for a lifetime of Safety and Security

Home Insurance is a contract entered between a customer (the insured) and an insurance company (the insurer), wherein the insurer agrees to pay the insured to rebuild your home and replace everything in it damaged on account of any disaster as mentioned in the policy.

This is a package policy of various sections which covers household / domestic property including items of property therein for which a householder is accountable and / or legally liable.


The Policy Covers:


The policy is convenient and easy to understand, with easy documentation and hassle free claims service


Natural calamities, such as fire, lightning, earthquake, landslide, rockslide, flood, inundation, storm, tempest, typhoon, hurricane, tornado, or cyclone

Man-made calamities, such as domestic gas explosions, overflow and bursting of water tank or pipes, damage caused by aircrafts, riots, strikes, malicious or terrorist acts


  • ELECTRICAL AND MECHANICAL APPLIANCES such as refrigerators, washing machines, air-conditioners etc.
  • FIXED PLATE GLASS and sanitary fittings, including cost of frame, lettering, painting etc. The cover also applies to accidental damage to your appliances caused by the breakage.
  • PERSONAL ACCIDENT- protects you and your family members against accidents and violence, leading to bodily injury, disablement (permanent or temporary), or death.
  • LEGAL LIABILITY TO DOMESTIC SERVANTS- protects you against liability to the general public for accidental death, bodily injury, or property damage. It also provides you cover for any liability towards your employees under the Workmen’s Compensation Act for any injury or death in the course of their employment.
  • LEGAL LIABILITY – to pay compensation to third parties in accordance with Indian Law




  • Any loss or damage you suffer because of your or your domestic staff’s direct/indirect involvement in an attempted burglary
  • Any loss or damage on account of loss of livestock, motor vehicles, pedal cycles, money, securities for money, stamp, bullion, deeds, bonds, bills of exchange, promissory notes, stock or share certificates, business books, manuscripts, documents of any kinds, ATM debit or credit cards (unless previously specifically covered by the company)
  • Any loss or damage to any property that is illegally acquired or stored and is subject to forfeiture
  • Any loss or damage occurring while your house is unoccupied for a period of more than 30 days consecutively, and you have failed to inform the insurance company about it

All the standard exclusions of the respective policies shall be applicable for the respective sections.

Additional Covers: That can be taken on payment of extra premium Terrorism cover, Debris removal cost, Costs to comply with building regulations following damage, Professional fees towards architects, surveyors, etc. for superintending a building during rebuilding, Cost of moving contents of your home to a temporary residence, Increase in sum insured throughout the year to guard against inflation, Loss of rent for landlord




1. What are the Documents required for householders’ insurance?

Typically, all you have to do to purchase a householders’ insurance policy is to fill the proposal form.

But, depending on the objects you would want to insure under your policy there is other documentation to be done. For example, if you add cover for jewelry and valuables, you would need a valuation certificate if:

  • The value of an individual item in your jewelry is more than 10 per cent of the total sum insured in the policy. If this certificate is unavailable, the insurance company will pay you only a maximum of 10 per cent of the sum insured.
  • The sum insured in your policy is Rs. 5 lakh or more.
  • The value of an individual item exceeds Rs. 5,000.


2. How to assess the value of a house?


Your house’s value is assessed as per its re-instatement value i.e. what it would cost to rebuild your house. This is calculated as the area of your house multiplied by the rate of construction per square feet, as on the date of purchasing the policy. For example, if you have a 1,000 sq. ft. house, and the present construction rate per sq. ft. is Rs. 800/-, your house is valued at Rs. 8, 00,000.


3. How to assess the value of the belongings in a home?


The value of the various belongings in your house is assessed as per their individual market value i.e. the cost of buying a similar new item, after deducting appropriate depreciation based on the age of the item. This includes domestic and electronic appliances, furniture, jewelry, and personal effects. For example, if you were to claim against the theft of a household appliance, the claim amount would be the value of purchasing a similar new item after deducting depreciation based on the appliance’s age when it was stolen.


4. What are the Documents required to file claims?


You need to submit a completed and signed claims form along with a letter stating that you are the owner of the items.

You also need to submit some other reports and forms that are considered as evidence of the event happening, the nature of the event and the extent of loss:


  • First Information Report (FIR) from the police in case of burglary
  • Fire brigade report in case of fire
  • Seismological report in case of earthquake
  • Meteorological department’s report in case of flood
  • Estimate of the repairs
  • Rent agreement
  • Transport details in case of baggage loss


5. I live on rent; do I still need home insurance?


If you live on rent, you may not want to purchase insurance for the building. But what about your belongings? The householders’ policy covers you for damage or loss of a whole range of household items, such as domestic and electronic appliances.


6. Can I buy home insurance even if my spouse uses one of the rooms as an office?


No. Homes used for business purposes are not covered under this policy. In such cases, you will need the Merchant Cover Plan to insure your office.


7. In case of an earthquake or heavy rains, will damages caused to the building be covered under the policy?


If your building has been insured i.e. a separate risk cover for the building has been purchased, then damages to the building in case of an earthquake or floods can be claimed.


8. If the garden in my building caught fire and resulted in damages to my property, can I make a claim?


Yes, the damage to your property caused by such a fire is covered; only if the fire is not a deliberate action on your part. However, your motor vehicle doesn’t come under this cover, and you cannot claim for damages under the householders’ insurance plan. You could claim that under your motor insurance policy.

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