The Ideal Advantage :

While evaluating an insurance company on your behalf, we examine the quality and level of service it can provide and not just the pricing structure. Only after we are confident that the insurance company can offer the right package, do we present you with a holistic and customized insurance solution.

Our services include

  • Understanding the clients needs and requirements
  • Identifying and evaluating the risk.
  • Defining the risk management plan
  • Negotiating with different insurance companies on premium rates and insurance cover
  • Selecting the right insurer for our clients, depending on the premiums, security, level of professionalism and claims service efficiency
  • Validating the policy in line with the proposal and policy updating
  • Timely collection of premiums & maintenance of records of all Insurance Policies of clients
  • Claims management and documentation
  • Educating the client and creating awareness of current Industry trends

For new Contacts


  • Ensure timely Insurance of the assets financed
  • Assistance in selection of insurer
  • Negotiations with Insurance Co’ for Most competitive rates and Right coverage”
  • Expedite the Insurance process

For old Contacts


  • Maintain insurance related details for existing contracts as on the cut off Data
  • Update records for addition/completion of contracts
  • Regular tracking of renewals till the expiry of contracts
  • Ensure timely insurance coverage
  • Follow up on regular basis